Where Am I?

Depending on where you are or what you’re looking for, you can find me in a couple of places!

World of Warcraft

I main Cadistra, the tauren druid, on Moon Guard-US. I have a handful of alts as well – Mulha, the femtaur ret pally, and I’m leveling a new Kissless! I love saying hi and meeting new people, but please don’t expect to get my Battletag – I’m very picky of who I give it out to. ♥


Where I’m most active! Come say hi!

Badgebabes / My Portfolio Site

I’m honored to be included in the BB roster for the second year running! Please check those links to see if my orders are open. Badgebabes also leads to my personal portfolio site.


I stream badges and comics! Toss in a sub to see when I’m drawing. Sometimes I listen to spooky stuff, but I always have warnings!


Feel free to support me for cool, behind-the-scenes stuff!


More of a “what I find funny” sort of thing, but I do post art and thoughts! Not always SFW.