Cadistra Grasshoof is a kind, polite, if not sometimes impatient druid working happily within the Cenarion Circle. She has a heart of gold, and a deep need and desire to heal and protect the land she holds so dear. Cadistra uses the ferocious power of the wild animal gods to shapeshift into animals to fight her foes or escape to safety. She is terrified of the Scourge, but extremely fond of sweets and pastries, since those aren’t really a hot commodity in Thunder Bluff.


Kissless “Stormkrow” Dawnrose is the oldest of four siblings, and was a quiet and demure woman when Silvermoon stood in its glory and strength. When the Scourge invaded, her surviving family scattered, and after surviving the withdrawl of magic, she took upon the grueling task of joining the Order of Blood Knights under Lady Liadrin. Brash, liberated and often rude, Kissless treks through life with a determined smile on her face, and will use the Light to protect those she cares about.


Kama, or Kamadormu, is a bronze drake who was given to Kissless as a prize during the siege of Northrend. Destined to become just another mount to show off, Kama was encouraged by his peers (and few friends) to retain his sense of “humanity” to travel with Cadistra and Kissless as a high elf. Being of the bronze flight, Kama is methodical, diplomatic, and patient nearly to a fault, sometimes giving off an air of detachment or uncaring, but he is warm and kind to those he values.